Technical Oversight



KCPM monitors and knows what actions are most responsive to the ever changing regulatory climate and business conditions so that your plan goals of positively contributing to your company goals is achieved.

KCPM delivers this guidance with continuous involvement of tax and benefit plan experienced attorneys, certified accountants, actuaries, human resource professionals, senior consultants and talented administrators.  


At KCPM our team uses a process that integrates the input of the three key areas, to create, deliver and apply customized cost effective solutions.


KCPM's task is to evaluate, engineer, maintain, improve the product, and then constantly repeat the process.

Change within the corporate environment is expected and to achieve the ultimate return, experience and talent is needed to deliver solutions that recognize and respond to these changes.

Many resources allow delivery of information. Our clients recognize the need for solutions. The information, gathering process, the assessment, the response, the application...all must provide solutions.  This is achieved only if each of those processes is MEANINGFUL and the resulting action is utilized in a SIGNIFICANT way, utilizing ability and experience.

KCPM ensures that your retirement plan is well equipped, adjustable, and responsive for efficient maneuvering on your business voyage.

The experienced leader knows how to identify which rigging to examine and adjust at any time.

KCPM also believes it is not a solution until it produces a POSITIVE return for clients.

With experience, KCPM quickly identifies the type of solution or change needed.

Ranging from financial and entity structure impacting the ideal plan design or contribution rates to regulatory changes providing new opportunities to new cost efficient tools for more meaningful communications and investment education.

KCPM maximizes the effectiveness of your retirement plan as a contributing factor to your ongoing success, both professionally and personally.

For the return that you deserve,get the leadership of Kovacs-Colon Pension Management, and watch your Plan contribute to your company's bottom line.

Vigilance beyond today's horizon - Companies and Firms, large and small, all have moving parts.  Benefit from KCPM's knowledge, get your Plan involved in your company's financial and management goal as a contributor.