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Strong and experienced leadership identifies how and when to reshape your retirement plan under changing circumstances to efficiently navigate you and your company through those ever changing waters.


Exceptional Administration: Using our forms and procedures we track and assess this function for proper intake,processing and delivery of the complete data and reports needed.These reports provide effective and meaningful information,to the plan participants,and to the company.

Integration of that information into the process of KCPM assessment and application results in the ongoing contribution of the plan to your goals.We offer meaningful and effective communication of not only statistics and compliance,but of the ongoing effect on wealth and finances.

Always Solid,Never Static

Ongoing review and understanding of the three points of service as they relate to your company's goals:

- Your current business conditions and applicable regulatory structures.

- Your investment tools.

-Your administrative performance.

KCPM offer experienced and up-to-date professionals with critical skills that brings your retirement plan to actively contribute to your company's success.

Legal.Actuarial.Administrative.Human Resources.

With Vigilance,using our tools as a measurement ,KCPM monitor changes in your business that impacts the matching of your design features with your manangement and financial targets.

Changing winds require the shapes of the sails to change in order to keep on track.

With true expertise at the helm,KCPM is able to "bring it about" with the most efficiency.

We ensure the application of the best tools available to be at the disposal of the plan's oversight body and participants.(Investment information,education and advisory on-line services)